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You can’t get justice in a legal system until you comply with all the requirements that law lays down for you. Legal Notice is one such requirement.

What is a Legal Notice?

After a petition has been filed, the court issues an order to serve legal notice if the court finds the petition reasonable.

A legal notice is a formal written communication between the parties through which the sender notifies the recipient about

  1. his intention of undertaking legal proceedings against the latter.
  2. his accusations and grievances against him and
  3. giving him a reasonable period to answer

Why legal Notice?

A formal legal proceeding is a very slow and costly process. A well drafted legal notice can make the parties resolve their disputes without indulging in formal legal proceeding giving an opportunity to settle their dispute through Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms. It works as a last warning to the other party to fulfill a certain condition if he does not want get involved in a court battle.

We shoulder your burden

Legal Acharya, team is endowed with professional drafting skills, updated knowledge of legal procedures, remarkable command over language as well as mastery in all applicable laws. Our experts prepare the Legal Notices according to the latest Legal Formats with full precision. It is then checked by various layers of legal experts. At the end we present the final draft to our clients for their approval. Lastly, we send it to the opposite party ourselves. We perform the whole of this string of processes without any hassle in a timely manner.


Why you Can’t risk an inaccurate Legal Notice?

  • There are legal procedures to be adhered to when serving a legal notice and any complainant who fails in this does so at his own peril.
  • A legal notice must contain all the relevant facts of the case, the cause for filing the suit as well as all the complaints, accusations or charges that have been filed at the court and this legal notice must be personally served to the accused.The facts mentioned must be accurate otherwise the suit may be dismissed.
  • Until the law court is satisfied that all parties have received adequate and proper notice the court will not proceed with your case leading to delay in your case.
  • An already passed court order in your favour may be overturned or revoked.
  • Additional costs or court charges may be incurred.
  • You may be asked to re-publish or re-serve the notice.

When to send a Legal Notice?

A Legal Notice is sent in order provide for a scope of negotiation between parties without getting involved in court battles. There are many disputes calling for filing of a Legal Notice. Some of them are:

  • Property Disputes such as mortgage, delayed possession delivery by the builder, eviction of the tenant, the partition of family property, etc.
  • Notice to the employer for wrongful termination, unpaid salary, violation of any right of the employee etc.
  • Notice to the employee for violation of the HR policies, sexual harassment act at the workplace, leaving the job without resignation letter, violation of any provision of the employment agreement, etc.
  • Notice to a company manufacturing or providing service of faulty products, faulty services, false advertisement, etc.
  • Notice in the case of cheque bounce to the issuer of the cheque.
  • Notice in case of personal conflicts such as divorce, maintenance, child custody, etc.