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Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal MACT deals with matters relating to compensation to motor accidents’ victims or their next of kin. Our MACT Advocates have enabled relief to huge number of Motor Accident Victims by being able to successfully contend for the fulfillment of claims relating to loss of life/property and injury in such cases.

Road Accident Compensation in Case Where Both Driver And the Victim Were Negligent

Our MACT Advocates also provide for Legal guidance in such cases. Let’s say, someone starts driving on a one-way road in the wrong direction while another car is driving in the right direction but, without headlights on. The two collide resulting in severe injury to the two wheeler driver. In such a case the principle of Contributory Negligence applies:

Contributory negligence is when the claimant himself has been negligent and has contributed to the occurrence of the accident. In such cases, the victim himself has contributed and therefore, his compensation gets reduced in proportion to his fault.

Motor Vehicle Accident cases constitute most of the accidental death cases in India. The N.K. Verma & Associates is available at your behest to try its level best in order to provide the victim/his family with every possible relief from the Court of Justice. 

What to Do After an Accident?

  • A case is registered by the local police on complaining or on registering an FIR
  • One should take pictures of the accident scene or even a video for use as evidence. Complaint calls made by the victim are recorded as evidence.
  • After this, police has to register FIR, investigate and then charge-sheet the accused. After this, the judicial mechanism sets itself into motion.
  • Legal intricacies involving demand of proper compensation to be put forward before MACT tribunal.

We have a legally efficient team of MACT Advocates knowing exactly what legal procedures to follow after a Motor Accident has occurred so as to avail you with maximum relief.

Who Can Claim Compensation in Motor Accident Cases?

Section 165 of the Act lays that following persons can claim compensation under the Act:

  • By the person who has sustained the injury.
  • By the owner of the property where death has resulted from the motor accident.
  • By all or any of the legal representatives of the deceased.
  • By any agent duly authorized by the injured or any of the legal representatives of the deceased.