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What is an Agreement?

The Indian Contract Act 1872, section 2(e), defines an agreements as “every promise and every set of promises, forming the consideration for each other is an agreement.”A promise is essentially an offer or a proposal, made by a person or an entity, towards another. The assent of the other, results in the acceptance of the offer; thereby creating an agreement.

The essentials of a valid contract being:

  • Proposal
  • Acceptance
  • Lawful Object
  • Lawful Consideration
  • Capacity to Contract

Why you need us?

In our daily lives we enter into certain agreements which are constituted by promises from both sides. But many a times it happens that the terms of the agreement happen to be inconsistent with our expectations and our benefit. Thus at the end they prove out to be more loss than gain. At some other times the other party is able to make a better bargain for themselves by manipulating the terms of the agreement in a way that is more beneficial for them. Thus goes the saying, “We live in a world that is built on promises constructed by liars.”But our firm builds a ‘Legal Agreement’ in a way to facilitate legally enforceability of your promises thereby eliminating any scope for you being deceived.

What do we provide?

In the form of N.K. Verma & Associates we provide you with a team of experts who possess umpteen knowledge regarding Indian Contract Act,1872, Sale of Goods Act,1930, Specific Relief Act 1963 and Transfer of Property Act, 1882. We know how to use our knowledge, while taking care of your sensibilities and your needs as well as the needs of the laws and legal formalities of the land. We remarkably perform all our functions online starting from allotting a lawyer to understand your needs till we get our client’s approval of the final draft. We give you credible results in exchange for a reasonable charge online. Our motto is ‘minimum loss and maximum gain” and we have successfully stood out for it.