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What is Document Review?

The E-discovery Review or Document Review process involves the review and analysis of collected documents to determine which ones are relevant to the case from the side of our clients, which ones are not relevant, and which ones contain privileged or protected information. Each page of data is analyzed to determine what must be withheld from production to opposing counsel.

Document Review also involves reviewing agreements and other documents to make them more in consonance with client’s interests.

Why Document Review?

Every Expert looks at the interests of his own client but which generally turns out to be detrimental to the interests of the other party. If you are that other party, its rather relevant for you to appoint your own legal expert who understands your interests and works upon them. 

  • Document Review enhances the qualitativeness of your documents while limiting their quantity.
  • Ensures detailed analyses of documents to harmonize them with the interests and delight of the client.
  • It enables litigants to gain a greater understanding of the facts and issues involved in a case, devise legal theories and identify key witnesses to be deposed at trial.
  • While taking decision of presenting or withholding documents factors like relevance, responsiveness,privilege and confidentiality concerns are considered.

Thus leading to productive presentation of data which gives the best outcomes.

Why our Service is Called for?

“The difference between a layman and a legal expert lies in the understanding of legal language and use of existing laws in a way which is most fruitful for his clients.”

As Document Reviewers we allot an Online Legal Expert to you who understands the legal and factual issues while examining individual documents one at a time. We make the necessary judgment calls while deciding what is to be withheld by considering If it is irrelevant to the facts and issues of the claim, whether information is responsive to the discovery requests of the opposing parties or the investigatory requests of regulatory bodies and  If the document is subject to lawyer-client privilege or any confidentiality or privacy laws.

These represent our valuable legal work product. We perform the whole process in a manner which eliminates redundant information and coordinate them to improve their efficiency.