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General Principles

General Principles and classification of crimes under Indian Penal Code:

The provisions may be broadly classified into 2 categories:

  • General Principles
  • Specific Offences

General Principles:

  1. Introduction (chp1)- includes objective, application and jurisdiction of criminal law
  2. General Explanations (chp-II) – it defines and explains important doctrines and interpretations of important terminology in the code. These are uniform throughout the Indian Penal Code
  3. Punishments (chp-III)- It enlists the types of punishments and their relevance
  4. General Exceptions-(chp IV)- it enlists the extenuating circumstances applicable to whole of the code eg insanity, necessity, mistake of law etc. These have been separately categorized to avoid repetition.
  5. Abatement (chp V)- an inchoate offence- including instigation, conspiracy and aiding and specifies respective punishments in law.
  6. Criminal Conspiracy (chp VA)- an inchoate offence, chp mentions its essentials and punishment to be awarded.
  7. Attempts to Commit Offences (XXIII)- enlist categories of attempts to various offences, the circumstances constituting attempts to those offences and the respective punishments.

Specific Offences:

  1. Offences against the State and Army, Navy and Airforce –chp VI and VII
  2. Offences affecting Common Well being- chps- VIII-XV and XIX
  3. Offences affecting Human Body – chp XVI- – affecting life, miscarriage, Injuries to unborn children, exposure of infants, concealment of births, hurt, wrongful restraint and confinement, criminal force, assault, kidnapping, slavery, forced labour, sexual offences and unnatural offences.
  4. Offences against Property- chps- XVII, XVIII- corporeal and incorporeal- theft, robbery, extortion, dacoity, criminal breach of duty, criminal misappropriation, cheating, stolen property, criminal trespass, documents and property marks.
  5. Offences affecting Reputation-Criminal Intimidation, Insult, Annoyance
  6. Offences Relating to Marriage- chp- XX,XXA- cruelty by Husband or Relatives.