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Delhi riots: Safoora Zargar is really an activist?

This also gives a clarity on the Safoora Zaegar activities during anti CAA violence in Delhi. It also states about the Zargar was arrested by the Delhi Police within the month of April for allegedly leading the anti-CAA protests at the Jaffrabad metro station of Delhi in February 2020, which eventually led to Anti-Hindu riots within the city causing the death of 53 people and injuring several others.


This article is all about Feminist criminology which states that it is the conflict based calling for the downgrading of the many dominant crime theories, as they were constructed inconsiderately for feminist viewpoints. Feminists now involve the inclusion of girls in criminological teaching, research, theory, and publications.

Jagannath Rath Yatra during COVID-19

The author is of the opinion that the apex court might have made a mistake by modifying the order dated 18.06.2020 and allowing the Rath Yatra. Conducting rituals while keeping the lives of thousand at stake is not a practical thing.

The India-China Border Dispute Explained

Recently, 20 Soldiers of the Indian Army were Martyred. This article explores, in brief the recent dispute between India and China, and the legal provisions of the same.


The resent articles deals with the concept of dowry deaths in India with an attempt to throw a light on the initial as well as the further amendments that have taken place in the legal domain and what they talk about.

Privacy Rights And Data Protection

The articles explain about most concern topics from all over the world. The Constitution of India encompasses the Right to Privacy under Article 21, which may be a requirement of the right to life and private liberty. Stressing on the term ‘privacy’, it is a dynamic concept which was needed to be clarified and data protection procedures are additionally crucial to assist prevent cybercrimes by ensuring details, specifically banking, addresses.