Delhi riots: Safoora Zargar is really an activist?

This also gives a clarity on the Safoora Zaegar activities during anti CAA violence in Delhi. It also states about the Zargar was arrested by the Delhi Police within the month of April for allegedly leading the anti-CAA protests at the Jaffrabad metro station of Delhi in February 2020, which eventually led to Anti-Hindu riots within the city causing the death of 53 people and injuring several others.

Privacy Rights And Data Protection

The articles explain about most concern topics from all over the world. The Constitution of India encompasses the Right to Privacy under Article 21, which may be a requirement of the right to life and private liberty. Stressing on the term ‘privacy’, it is a dynamic concept which was needed to be clarified and data protection procedures are additionally crucial to assist prevent cybercrimes by ensuring details, specifically banking, addresses.

Suicide, Mental Health and the Law

The recent Suicide committed by a prominent Bollywood icon has put forth important questions about mental health and suicide. Discussing the same, in regard to existing laws is very important.

Payment of wages during lockdown

This article states about the advisory issued on 20th March 2020 within which it appeals to any or all employer’s associations to not terminate their employees or cut wages of their worker’s. And many other orders by the government for the welfare of labors.


The Insolvency and bankruptcy code is a one stop solution for resolving insolvencies which previously was a long process that did not offer an economically viable arrangement. The code aims to protect the interests of small investors and make the process of doing business less cumbersome.


The law of insolvency and bankruptcy came in force on 5, May 2016 and introduced by the finance minister late Arun Jaitley in Lok Sabha for the benefit of the businessman and different firm in our country.